Technical management

The main task of competent technical management in the field of shipping management is the efficient maintenance of the vessel in order to ensure its uninterrupted operation.

What do we do in the framework of technical management

Experienced specialists of Sea Engineering LLC guarantee the shipowner to control the vessel’s optimal technical condition.

Our company:

  • constantly monitors the technical condition of the vessel, all its components and mechanisms;
  • organizes regular technical inspections in the ports around the world;
  • is responsible for supplying vessels with the necessary parts;
  • carries out planned and operational repair of vessels (including dock one);
  • conducts pre-voyage briefing for ship mechanics.

How are the shipowner’s costs reduced

The logical result of our activity is the increase of economic efficiency of the vessel’s operation. Constant monitoring of the market allows us to optimize the costs of technical management.

The number of vessel downtime due to its malfunction decreases. The necessary repairs are carried out in the shortest possible time, and the professionalism of the performers allows saving significant amounts of money on the absence of repeated technical works.

We also note that our company guarantees a high level of trouble-free operation at sea to its customers which is ensured by high-quality recruitment and thorough preparation of each vessel for a voyage!